Use Case

“We worked with Elqano for 18 months and its smart interface provided great results. Elqano team had supported us at every stage of the project, delivering a very strong adaptability." Bearing Point Head of Knowledge

“Who can help”

When starting a new project, it is difficult to know “who can help” and provide valuable knowledge input. Elqano enables employees to connect instantly with the most relevant knowledge assets of the company, even if they are hidden or forgotten.

Commercial teams enablement

Commercial teams struggle to find the right technical expertise when asked a question from a client. Elqano enables commercial teams to access firsthand technical knowledge without hassle.

Remote work and agile collaboration

Find the right information becomes more difficult with distributed agile teams working remotely. Elqano creates a tacit knowledge database to each information is just one click away.

On boarding acceleration

With increased turnover rate and information volatility, fast and efficient on boarding becomes a priority. Elqano provide each new employee a set of relevant Q&A so they can be operational faster.

Community of practice engagement

Getting employees to share best proactive in community is one of the key milestones of any knowledge driven organization. With personalized knowledge sharing request to the most relevant expert, Elqano drastically increase employee engagement in CoP.

Organization knowledge mapping

Among your employee it is hard to have an overview of who knows what. Elqano helps solving this issue by mapping continuously the knowledge of your organization. It enables to identify lack of competencies and bridge the gap by hiring or training people.

Operational documentation improvement

Procedures and FAQs often need to be clarified. Elqano gives the possibility to expand and clarify them effortlessly and to make this precious information available to all.


They trust us

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