Elqano brings together AI, modern collaboration tools and legacy document management systems to create a new knowledge access experience.

Daily Knowledge Mapping

On a daily basis, Elqano connects with your existing document management systems to automatically tag documents and employees expertise. This enables the bot to precisely know who worked on what and when.

Question Understanding

For each new question, the bot performs semantic analysis to understand the question. It then finds which employee is the best suited to answer the question based on the daily knowledge mapping.

Embedded in your communication tool, to access the bot in 1 click

Each employee can ask the bot anytime directly from the communication tool they use on a daily basis. No need to remember where to click to ask or to answer a question.

Containerization for guaranteed data security

Elqano application is containerized and deployed on your private servers. Your data security and privacy are 100% guaranteed and will always be. Elqano is GDPR compliant.

They trust us

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