Engaging employees in the process of Knowledge Sharing is a long path.
Here is our vision to foster a smart and efficient Knowledge Management.

Only 14% of employees share their knowledge on dedicated platforms. Therefore, the tacit knowledge of 86% of employee is unused by the rest oftheir organization. We help you to reverse this trend by answering your collaborators knowledge needs.

Reach the most relevant expert simply by asking a question

75 % of employees prefer to ask a colleague rather than searching information on a platform. But they waste time because they don’t know exactly who knows what. With Elqano, any employee can ask any question and get an answer from an automatically identified expert. Even if the expert is sitting in the office next door or on the other side of the planet, she can be reached in real time!

Employees with knowledge do not know that someone needs it

Most employees do not upload their knowledge because they do not know that it will help someone in a distinct team or business unit. With Elqano, they receive specific questions on their area of expertise and see who will benefit from their knowledge. They feel engaged to help and share what they know.

Extract knowledge from the hidden part of the iceberg

Most knowledge sharing happens via emails, phone calls, or private conversations. Those exchanges do not benefit the rest of the organization. Elqano capitalizes on exchanges between employees and experts to capture tacit knowledge and make it available for the rest of collaborators.

They trust us

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