21 April 2020

How to instantly find knowledge in MS Teams without wasting time scrolling conversations and documents?

Knowledge management is one of the most critical tasks for any business. It enables workers to get started on a project

Knowledge management is one of the most critical tasks for any business. It enables workers to get started on a project with the best resources available, setting them on the right path. However, it can often be quite confusing and time-consuming for teams who do not have the right infrastructure to handle it. This article explores better ways to find knowledge in MS Teams. New technologies can prevent employees from wasting their time scrolling through conversations.

Still, it is remarkably effortless to come across online complains. Many professionals don’t want to deal with the burden of having to spend so much valuable time looking for relevant data in team conversations and other sources. The traditional method to gather knowledge in MS teams is scrolling through conversations. It is also common to analyse a variety of documents and databases. MS Teams users are reportedly satisfied with the full range of features at their disposal. While this practice can be useful, it is also very time-consuming. If that was not enough, they are even more vulnerable to human error. When different people focus on such a task for so many hours and days, possible issues may arise. It is easy to cause some confusion with the interpretation and organisation of the information.

Thankfully, technology is moving at a breakneck pace in this industry. This means that finding knowledge instantly in MS teams is becoming easier than ever before. Artificial intelligence is bringing a revolutionary set of new tools to this industry. These include sophisticated knowledge management systems and chatbots.



As you may know, AI can perform tasks that would take humans hours in a matter of minutes or seconds. In most cases, knowledge management requires very tedious and monotonous processes. Scrolling through hundreds of pages of conversation can be time-consuming. It is a lot of work, only to find a piece of specific information. Artificial intelligence can perform this task almost instantly, and with a lower error margin.

For this reason, many companies seek better ways to manage data and enhance the effectiveness of the collaboration between teams. They are starting to implement more and more AI solutions. In most cases, these services can easily be integrated within any existing system, meaning that users do not need to revolutionise or change their current workflow completely. Instead, they can focus on improving it and making it more modern and receptive. To avoid organisational silos, it’s important to create a viable line of communication. If a worker in Team A can’t access documents from Team B or C, it will be bad for knowledge sharing (although it might be good for data confidentiality). Chatbots can help break the silos, while preserving confidentiality.

Elqano collects, organizes, and connects all the documents across multiple systems every 24 hours to make sure that everything is as updated as it can be. Elqano is a perfect example of a chatbot-based knowledge management system, which is built with user-friendliness in mind. Many of the processes are automated and extremely flexible. In addition to that, it also adds smart tags, making it easier to keep a log on each document. When it comes to information traceability and source reliability, it is crucial to know which employee worked on the information and when. Elqano is a chatbot, which enables employees to gather knowledge instantly, networking with their peer and breaking organisational silos. Its process involves four simple steps:

          1)      Each employee can ask the bot a question

For example: Who worked on a proposal for Project X?)

         2)      The bot will analyse the question, and scout existing document, in order to provide the most accurate answer.

        3)      The original question is even shared directly with the employees and fellow team members who can answer it,and provide help.

       4)      Finally, the answer, along with the related documents, is fed to the knowledge database, so everyone in the organisation can take advantage of it.

On the other hand, a tool such as Elqano provides continuous updates and data organisation, making it easier for teams to stay on top of the database and have a much clearer picture of what is going on. Gone are the days of endless scrolling and slow database searches. Sophisticated algorithms like Elqano allow users to find vital information incredibly quickly. In this case, it is as simple as asking a question. Whether the search deals with customer insights, sales reports, as well as guidelines for a project, everything is just a few seconds away.

Another great thing to consider is that the more people use Elqano, the more it grows and expands its power. With its sophisticated machine learning abilities, this system is self-learning, and it grows in a very organic way, mirroring the growth of an organisation and a team. AI is far more than just a static tool, like a traditional database. It is almost like another valuable member of the team, which can grow, learn more, and continuously refine its effectiveness, depending on the company’s needs and workflow. In conclusion, it might sound quite intimidating for a company to update to more modern AI algorithms, especially if they are still very settled into their old ways. However, the user will immediately experience a very positive change, almost overnight. The speed of operation, flexibility, and adaptability of chatbot-based knowledge management software will add so much value to any given business.

Visit the following link to learn more: https://www.elqano.com/


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