21 April 2020

Elqano: Tomorrow’s Knowledge Chatbot, Available Today

Here’s How Elqano Helps Businesses Deliver Better Results In today’s marketplace, it seems like every day brings a new t

Here’s How Elqano Helps Businesses Deliver Better Results
In today’s marketplace, it seems like every day brings a new tool or method that promises to improve how we do business. Promising to be a silver bullet, these offerings often claim to fundamentally change how organisations operate. Unfortunately, these bold statements often fall flat when put into practice.
However, every once in a while a new technology comes along that revolutionises day-to-day business operations. In 2020, innovations like machine learning and artificial intelligence have the potential to drive such improvements.
In particular, advanced chatbots that have the potential to revolutionise how  store, retrieve, communicate their collective knowledge are now entering the marketplace.Under the banner of machine learning and artificial intelligence lie software tools driven by natural language processing. organisations
What Is Natural Language Processing?
By definition, natural language processing is a subfield of artificial intelligence that is focused on enabling more effective interactions between computers and users. To accomplish this task, natural language processing focuses on bridging the gap between “computer language” and “human language.”
It may sound silly at first, but traditional computer programs are notoriously bad at interpreting how people use language to communicate. Natural language processing aims to fix this shortcoming through the analysis of language-based data driven by artificial intelligence.
Over time, programs that leverage natural language processing can learn to communicate with users in a way that feels more natural. If you’ve interacted with an online chatbot recently, you’ve probably experienced the benefits of natural language processing in action.
What Is A Chatbot? What Benefits Do They Provide?
At their core, chatbots are advanced computer programs that automate specific tasks, such as chatting with potential customers through a conversational interface. While the functionality provided by these programs vary from chatbot-to-chatbot, users typically interact with these tools through an interface that mimics instant messaging tools like Facebook Messenger.
Chatbots can provide many benefits to businesses, including:
– Make Automated Conversations Feel Natural: The power of natural language processing allows users to feel as if they are talking with a real person when interacting with a chatbot. This means employees and customers can get expert-level answers to their questions at any moment.
– Chatbots Get Smarter Over Time: Chatbots are only getting more capable with time, which enables businesses to automate key tasks. From addressing customer service inquiries to messaging with fans over social media, chatbots can take on nearly any communication-based task. Many modern chatbots now understand the nuances of human language, which enables them to “read between the lines” when addressing new questions.
– Chatbots Are Infinitely Scalable: Under the hood, chatbots are computer programs that can be scaled up or down to meet demand. Top chatbots can juggle the needs of hundreds (or even thousands) of simultaneous users at once. This provides organizations with an unsurpassed level of computer-aided flexibility that can’t be matched by today’s rigid workforce standards.
These are just a few of the broad benefits provided by chatbot technology. To get a sense of more specific use cases, let’s take an in-depth look at Elqano.
Elqano: Tomorrow’s Knowledge Chatbot, Available Today
Employees crave human-to-human interactions, but are typically limited to their direct network of colleagues. As a result, it can be difficult for employees to search, find, and share information across large organisations. Elqano was created with this issue in mind, providing an automated solution to connect employees with each other to answer tough business questions.
Consider the following scenario: An employee within a large corporation prefer to ask colleagues for information rather than searching for answers on a knowledge management platform. However, it’s nearly impossible for a single individual to keep track of the information held by each of their colleagues. To make matters worse, some employees will only help others if it benefits their goals. As a result, even the best knowledge management platforms can lead to information silos.
Elqano solves these issues, one step at a time. First, users pose their questions to the Elqano chatbot, which automatically determines which employees could have the answer. In turn, knowledgeable employees are enabled to connect with Elqano users directly, which facilitates timely information exchange across the enterprise.
Best of all, Elqano can integrate directly with existing systems such as DMS and Microsoft Teams, which helps to break down information silos before they cause disruption. At the end of the day, the Elqano chatbot is a great tool for organizations looking to search, find, and share information at the speed of business.
Curious to see how Elqano Chatbot technology can help your company delivers better results? Contact us and get your quote today!


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