Team communication software are designed for fast intra-team communication.
Not for transversal Knowledge Sharing.
Elqano can help you fix that.

Over time, the implementation of collaboration tools like MS Teams in large organization drastically increases the number of siloed repositories with lost or hidden knowledge.
Jean asks a question to the bot. He can do it directly from MS Teams, Slack or Circuit.
The Bot proposes the most relevant answers or sends the question to the employees who have the most relevant knowledge to answer.
The question is directed to the employee who has the knwoledge to answer. He feels commited to answer to help one of his colleagues.
The expert is directed to the answer form. The documents to join to the answer are pre-selected. Only the experts decide if the document should be shared or not.
Answers and attached documents automatically feed the bot. They are available when someone asks a similar question. The knowledge database grows organically.

They trust us

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