The less time employees spend on information gathering, the more they focus on value added activities.

Employees save 3 hours a week and make better decisions

Elqano helps to reduce the time employees spent searching by 40%, generating a 8% productivity increase. They have access to your organization collective intelligence instantly. They become again the most valuable asset of your company!

Experts are subtly committed to respond and can finally deliver their full potential

Experts loose time replying to the same questions multiple times. Elqano records their answer so they don’t have to answer the same question again.

KM leaders eliminate silos and easily capture knowledge

KM leaders increase employee’s engagement in KM processes such as knowledge capitalisation and communities of practice. They manage employees’ requests more efficiently thought Elqano admin interface.

Business leaders reinforce collaboration and customer-oriented culture

Business leaders enable their teams to get the right information instantly to answer customer needs faster. Elqano brings teams together and connects each employee to the collective intelligence of the organization.

Elqano is not only for KM teams and knowledge worker. Other services such as HR, IT, Sales, Operations, R&D and Marketing can also benefit from Elqano.

They trust us

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